2. Install your station

Now that you have your device, it's time to install it.

Assemble your station

Follow the station-specific instructions to assemble the receiver and antenna.

Have an NTRIP-X? Then follow this installation guide.

Which location is optimal?

  • Choose an installation location in an area no closer than 20km to the next onocoy station.

  • With 3 or more stations in close proximity, rewarding will be scaled down for those stations.

  • You can easily check the distance to the next onocoy station for any location with the Explore function.

What should the surroundings be like?

  • Ideally, the antenna has a 360-degree view of the sky, with no obstructions (buildings, trees, mountains) above an elevation of 10 degrees.

  • A simple way to check this is to make a fist and stretch the arm horizontally. Hold the lower side of the fist in line with the horizon, and the upper side indicates about 10 degrees above the horizon when the arm is held perfectly horizontal.

  • If sky visibility is limited or there is a lot of multipath in the signal, rewards will be scaled down.

  • Please note that the antenna must be rigidly mounted. Even under heavy weather conditions, it shouldn't move more than 1-2 millimeters. The location of the antenna is continuously monitored by the onocoy validators. If there are too many vibrations or the antenna is moved, rewards will be paused.

What about the internet connection?

  • You need a stable, permanent connection to the Internet.

  • The bandwidth requirements are quite low. A well-configured receiver should not require more than around 1 kB/s.

  • There is no inbound traffic.

  • With typical firewalls, no ports need to be opened, as the connections are established inside-out.

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