1. Get a station

Start mining now! You will need a GNSS receiver and antenna in order to be able to mine rewards. The type of receiver and antenna is up to you! Here are a few recommendations:

  • For maximizing rewards, a triple- or quad band GNSS receiver that supports all of the major constellations (GPS, Galileo, Beidou and Glonass) is required.

    Fitting products are (amongst others) SparkFun's RTK mosaic-X5, ArduSimple’s simpleRTK3B boards, or Unicorecomm UM9xx based devices such as NTRIP-X from GNS Electronics.

  • GNSS receivers with a lower number of supported frequency bands (e.g. only L1+L2, or L1+L5, such as the u-blox ZED-F9P or Quectel LG69T / LC29H) will receive rewards, albeit at a lower level than triple/quad band receivers

  • A high quality GNSS antenna which supports the receiver’s frequency bands.

  • The GNSS receiver should either directly support connection to an Ethernet/Wifi network, or be connected to a host (Raspberry Pi, ESP32, or equivalent) that acts as a bridge. It must also have "NTRIP Server" functionality.

  • Please note that GNSS receivers only receive signals, hence, there is no additional electromagnetic transmission originating from operating the receiver.

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