Reward calculation

Here is how your rewards are calculated.
Base Reward: The Base Reward represents the minimum reward a miner can earn, assuming good quality measurements are submitted at the specified availability and continuity within a geographic region that isn’t saturated with other miners of equal or higher quality.
Daily ONO Base Reward: The ONO value is set by the rewards commission/DAO. It indicates the maximum amount of ONO a miner can earn within the Base Reward.
Quality Scale: The Quality Scale represents the type and quality of GNSS measurements submitted to the system. It consists of two factors, which signals are delivered and their quality.
Availability Scale: The Availability Scale represents the availability and continuity of the GNSS measurements to the clients/customers.
Location Scale: The Location Scale is a factor from 0% to 100% with low values penalizing overpopulated areas.
Early Mover Boost: The Early Mover Reward is a bonus incentive for miners in the early days. The value can range from 100% to 500% and is defined by the Reward and Price Commission (as part of the DAO).
Usage Reward : The Usage Reward is a bonus incentive to share the success of the onocoy service within certain regions. The usage reward will consider the actual utility (number of data streams in use) and the potential utility (improvement in signal quality and fake positioning requests)
Promotional Reward : The Promotional Reward is a bonus incentive where the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) identifies the need. This can be a sign-up reward for a new miner (e.g. through a partnership program with ref. station makers), a dedicated incentive for a quick rollout in a certain area, the promotion of ref. stations with certain features (e.g. LEO satellite capabilities), etc.