⚑Get GNSS correction data

You would like to receive onocoy's data via NTRIP? Great! Here is how it works.

Create an account

Head over to the explorer, click on Sign up and create yourself a user account. You will be notified when your account is activated.

Create credentials for your device

Go to NTRIP Clients and click on Add new credential. Fill up the password and a description for your new set of credentials. Note: the username will be generated automatically.

Optionally you can also indicate a filter that will be applied when selecting stations during roaming mode.

Click Save and the new credential will be visible in the list.

Alternative You can follow a step-by-step-guide by clicking on Connect Client.

  • Step 1 - create or use an already existing credential

  • Step 2 - use the connection details to configure your client device

Configure the GNSS receiver.

The following generic instructions should help to enable NTRIP client functionality. Please consult the documentation of the receiver manufacturer for further detailed instructions on how to configure the below:

We support NTRIP protocol 1.0 and 2.0

  • Configure the NTRIP caster to point to clients.onocoy.com and port 2101

    • Use port 2121 for TLS connections

  • For username and password, enter the credentials as created in the previous step

  • Choose a mountpoint

    • For permanent access to a station you can choose a suitable Reference station using the Explorer or by selecting one from the caster sourcetable

    • Alternatively, you can choose to connect in roaming mode which will deliver data from the closest reference station. For this to work, you will have to enable NMEA back messages. Also, this will only work if we have a validated reference station in your vicinity

Roaming modes

To connect in roaming mode you can choose to connect to one of the nearby mountpoints:

  • NRBY_B12 – will connect to nearby stations having at least signals in bands both L1 and L2

  • NRBY_B15 – will connect to nearby stations having at least signals in bands both L1 and L5

    (note that because GLONASS only delivers frequencies L1 and L2, GLONASS is not included in NRBY_B15)

  • NRBY_ADV – will connect to nearby stations having signals in either bands L1, L2 or L5

You are good to go!

Your device should now start streaming data from the onocoy NTRIP caster.

Back in the console, under NTRIP Clients, you should see connection details from the connected device(s) you have configured by clicking on the credential name.

You can have multiple devices using the same credentials (but retrieve different mount points) in parallel.

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